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Yusufu Ibrahim


Yusufu Ibrahim, 11, is a soft spoken boy who has a true heart for others and making the best of any situation.

If you are ever in question of where to find Yusufu in his free time, he is probably with his current novel of choice, or serving on the tennis courts.

Yusufu is a 6th grade student at Albert Hill Middle School and member of the Links Inc. and Youth Sports and Fine Arts Academy (YSFAA) book clubs. The last book he read was called Savvy by Ingrid Law. “It was like a magical book, so it was interesting to me,” Yusufu said. As an avid reader, he is setting the cornerstone for his future in the literary arts.

Previously, at his culminating ceremony at Clark Springs Elementary School, Yusufu received 19 different awards, including the President's Education Award, which includes a letter from Barack Obama.

Yusufu plays tennis at U-turn sports academy twice a week and is currently working on perfecting his slice. “My friends say I should play football because I'm fast; but I think in tennis you have to have a strategy and you aren't hurting people. And that's why I picked it,” Yusufu said.

Yusufu is also an active member of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA), and the YSFAA. At RRHA he is a part of their tennis team and is a frequent volunteer. He helped plant a garden and has also helped pick up trash around his housing community, Gilpin Court.

Yusufu is bound to do great things not only for himself, but for his community. Whether it is through his leadership in his book clubs, his participation on the tennis court, or his efforts to plant a little greenery, we know Yusufu has a genuine character that we can all be thankful for.

Super Hero Name: Viper
Super Powers: Being super fast

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