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X-Plosion: SW Records Label Launch Party at Sarahfran’s Soul Food Restaurant

Friday, Nov. 7


No matter how much music is available to you in the digital age, the world will always need more anthems. That’s where Richmond label SW Records comes in. Dedicated to nurturing and distributing new indigenous electronic music, the label is holding a showcase of its up-and-coming talent Friday, Nov. 7, at Sarahfran’s Soul Food Restaurant. Featuring sets by DJ club-thumpers Big Crack, Conduktor, J-Sleazy, Payphone, Chrispi Dream and HeKontrolls, the night of hip-hop and electronic music hybrids will shake, rattle and roll the senses. Attendees are encouraged to bring in their own demo tapes to add to the party, and there will be music and sticker giveaways as well. The fevered dance-floor festivities commence at 9 p.m. Free.