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Writer Addresses Norfolk Four Story


I am disappointed by Style Weekly's not acknowledging more clearly that the error referenced by Joe Morrissey (“Morrissey Accuses Style of Cover-Up, Ulterior Motives,” Letters, Sept. 16) was created by the magazine's editing staff, not by me.

The article I submitted for publication made this observation about Gov. Tim Kaine's conditional pardon of the Norfolk Four: “On the philosophy that you've struck the proper balance if all sides in a difficult decision are mad, then Kaine may have done the best he could in a bad situation. Michelle Moore-Bosko's parents issued a statement describing themselves as ‘devastated.’ And attorneys for Derek Tice, Danial Williams and Joseph Dick Jr. called Kaine's decision ‘illogical’ and bitterly disappointing.” An editor's misinterpretation resulted in my work being changed to say that the victims' parents were “devastated” by Kaine's refusal to grant the men full pardons.
Margaret Edds

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