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World's coolest vegan discovers Richmond

"I constantly veganize recipes from Martha Stewart and Gourmet magazine," she told the group, "but I'm not the vegan police. It's everybody's own personal journey. Being a vegan is a constant battle with your conscience, but I'm cool with that. I think people are realizing it's not about Birkenstocks and sprouts."

In her book, she continues: "For me, veganism is about thinking outside of your own needs, seeing a world beyond yourself and opening your heart up to compassion, empathy, and understanding."

She wears no leather or fur, and patronizes Web sites such as to find vegan-friendly restaurants around the world — in Richmond, the list includes China Panda, Harrison Street Coffee Shop, Ipanema, Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, Palani Drive and Panda Veg — and she frequents and to find clothing and household products that fit her philosophy. The Fountain Bookstore carries Kramer's books and co-sponsored her appearance here. — Deveron Timberlake

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