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Edloe Jenkins, Elvis Impersonator


  • Ash Daniel

"I've always loved Elvis. As I tell people, I've only had two hairstyles my whole life — young Elvis and near-dead Elvis. I've just always loved him.

"At one time I worked at the city jail as a deputy. I used to sing to the prisoners. I used to be very bashful and didn't go out much. I always wanted to get in a band, and when I would go out once in a while I'd ask a band if I could sing with 'em, they would say no. Even though no one would be looking at them and the place would be empty. I'd guarantee I could get everybody's attention and get 'em screamin', but I kind of gave up on that.

"Then I tried to get a band together, but it didn't work out. The first time I was on stage was some shows I did at AT&T [for a meeting at the plant where Jenkins worked] back in '92. I just had the karaoke, and that's where I got my 15 minutes of fame.

"People can say what they want, but I am the only karaoke singer I ever saw where people actually come up and ask for my autograph. I don't care about money, or singing the song [just to receive] polite applause. That's why I like to sing the fast songs and do all the moves.

"I like singing for the young people. Sometimes I give away scarves and kiss the girl, but some girls just come up and kiss me in honor of Elvis. I've had people follow me out of places to get pictures taken with me. It's a great feeling to have people say "I love you man."

"I have a big collection of Elvis items. In the kitchen it's wall-to-wall Elvis. In the kitchen I even have a look-alike mannequin of Elvis sitting at the table. In the bedroom … I have all my Elvis jumpsuits. I have several expensive ones and cheap leather suits, pants, capes, belts, boots, etc.

"I don't want my age in [the article]. I'm sensitive about it. You can say I'm sensitive about my age. I know I'm older than most of the girls, the young girls that scream for me. I feel like if I ever admitted my age, I would feel that old, and now I just feel like young Elvis.

"I'd still like to have my own band before I die, and I can guarantee one thing — whether a person likes my performance or not, I will hold their attention."

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