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That’s just where we go around knocking on people’s doors or just street contacting, talking to people and doing whatever we can to help a lot of people who maybe need service done. We’ll come in for an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. But basically we stay out from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Every day — rain, snow, whatever.

Palmer: The general reaction is — it varies. Some people are excited, some people already know who we are. They know that we’re missionaries, and they are excited to talk with us. Some people have never heard from missionaries before. They’ve never gotten that chance to hear the message. And it’s fun teaching those people and talking to them more because you can try and get their interest up and try to get them to know those things in their life.

Buchanan: Obviously, this brings us a lot of happiness. We don’t get paid to do this. We actually save our money and come out to do it for two years. We put off schooling and work. … Most people have a genuine appreciation for what we do. Most of the people here in Richmond are Christian people. Most of them do know that we’re not out trying to bother people or anything. We’re just trying to spread something that means a lot to us.

There are some people who are kind of rude, and that’s too bad. Well, you know you get doors slammed in your face and you get people who cuss at you a little bit, give you a little bit of a hard time and persist to egg you on, trying to make you mad. But it doesn’t really matter to us because we always seem to find the great people, too. They overrule the ones that aren’t really kind all the time.

In our church, we do believe in something called the Word of Wisdom. It’s basically a set of guidelines to help us lead healthier lives. We abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and other harmful drugs. We don’t condemn anyone who does participate in those things, but it helps us lead happier, healthier lives.

Palmer: We don’t date while we’re on our mission. Just so we can focus more on the work. There’s really not that much time to do other things besides the missionary work. Once we get back, we’ll be able to date.

I know I’ll go back to school … to the University of Utah. I think I’ll study business when I get back and I’ll see where that takes me, what kind of career path I can get with that major. So it would be just normal life again. Of course we’ll continue to do the missionary work but not full time.

Buchanan: I’m also going to go back to university. My university of choice is Southern Utah University. I’ll probably study performing arts. I get into every aspect of it — acting, drawing, writing, creative writing.

We’re basically just regular guys who just serve. We love what we do because of the happiness we see come into other people’s lives with the message we share.

— As told to John White;photographed by Scott Elmquist.

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