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Jackson Meyer, 12, Artist, Musician



I got involved with Art 180 through an after-school program at William Byrd Community House. One day I was doing a drawing, and one of the ladies who worked there thought I was really good and asked me if I'd like to do an art program. All the kids were 15, and I was 8, but I wasn't scared. I've done every program since then.

The first project I worked on was making comic books. The next one, we made stained-glass things. We've done a bunch of other projects, including the Jonny Z mural — he's this really cool artist who passed away last year. Now we're working on the dumpster.

I did the poster for the next Jonny Z Festival, and I think I'm going to be doing some more art that will be on display there.

I really like local music like Brainworms and the band that Jonny Z was in, Tiger Shark. They made some pretty good stuff. They're not a band anymore. Ultra Dolphins and Snack Truck, they're good too. I found out about them all through Art 180.

I listen to a lot of Nirvana, too. It seems like any song by Nirvana that starts with S is pretty good. There's this one song, “School,” and there's another one called “Sliver.” And then of course, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” but the demo version with no lyrics. It's like 10 times better.

I play drums. My favorite drummer is Keith Moon of the Who. He's just so wild, and he just like — [flails arms] “phhhhhhht!” He just goes so crazy on his set, and then he breaks it at the end of the show. It's really cool.

I really like this one part in the song “Substitute” by the Who. It's right before the second verse, and Keith Moon's like, “AHHHHH!” and then he's like [flails arms again] “phhhhht!” You can hear him scream in the background.

When I grow up I want to be a musician, artist and a full-time dreamer.

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