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We bought this building in 2004. Being from New York City, you have to have a headquarters, so I walked into … Motley's Auction and we got a great deal. It was just like from heaven. Just took everything out to use it as a church temporarily. I knew it wasn't the size for a church, but just to get my foot in the door, get the feel of things. I knew it was a good commercial piece, [and] that if I was trying to get a franchise, this would be almost impossible to get, so it was a gift from God.

[Now it's going to be] a coffee shop. I'm a coffee drinker; at the same time, everybody needs an Internet and a sandwich and, during the summer, a barbecue. Fax machine, copy machine, in New York you go to any bodega and all of those things are available. So I think I can do a little bit to help the community, and wherever it goes from there is where I go. Hopefully by the end of the month we can be open.

Talking to people here I learned they're very traditional. They like a church building setting. And if you don't have that, they watch you and watch you, but I've just been having fun going to the flea market and evangelizing like that and being on MySpace.

The whole church world has changed.

Richmond is a great place, very old, very traditional and a lot of things that I wasn't accustomed to being from New York. Old money. Now, I was always a collector of bullion ... but when I got here, it was all old money and currency that I never saw. I joined the Richmond Coin Club -- we meet once a month at Tony Roma's on Staples Mill. We have all the numismatist guys and different speakers … and the Secret Service comes and tell us about money. As much money as I have made, it's amazing how much I didn't know.

Me not being from here, Mosby Court I believe has a very bad reputation, and I've not had problems and I think a lot of great things could happen here. I like at 7 o'clock in the morning when you can see VCU and the helicopters landing and see the doctors drive by to go across the bridge. I think it's a great place. — as told to Amy Biegelsen

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