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Wish You Were Heresay!


There are three great things about postcards: picture offsets sentimentality/insincerity of writing; emotionally/sexually explicit messages are available to every single postal worker; postage is cheaper. Also, it's a little moment in the universe, a signal with a where and a when, room for just about one thought and one image. Rosemary Kate Jesionowski captures the transience of transients with "Where are you going, where are you from?" a sort-of photography show at Plant Zero's Project Space Gallery. Jesionowski tapped into her family's frequent travels/moves, capturing roadside attractions and other American landmarks with a pinhole camera and printing them as postcards. She then added her address, postage (cheap) and a variety of questions, and handed them out to people all over the US to answer and return. The results, lost messages and heresay, hang like leaves around the gallery space, voices of travelers who will never be in that place in time/frame of mind again. The show opens with a reception Friday, Jan. 26, 6-9 p.m. Through Feb. 21. 564-4998. S

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