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Winning the Battle


I enjoyed reading “Losing Ground” (News & Features, Dec. 1). I think it is important to note that many battlefield preservation efforts in this area have been done by private residents who volunteer their time and efforts. The Richmond Battlefields Association is a prime example of this. Preservation does not mean obstruction.

In Chesterfield County, we have saved historic sites by working with developers to incorporate preservation into their developments. What used to be seen as a liability is now often seen as an asset that sets a development apart from the others. This does not always work, and we realize that we can't preserve everything. We find many times however, that developers have no knowledge about the historic events that took place on their land. Often, simply educating them results in having another piece of our national history saved. Thanks again for highlighting the good work that the Richmond Battlefields Association is doing.

Scott Williams
Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia

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