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Wilson B. Dansey III, 69Beecroft & Bull

What I Do

I've always had a fairly good eye concerning dress, you know, a person who likes fine arts — whether it's paintings, furniture, the decoys that I collect. People who like those types of things, their eye usually tells them what they like and don't like. It's gotten me in more trouble moneywise than I'd like to say.

Clothing comes into the same thing — your love for color, style. I wear bow ties most of the time, and we sell a lot of bow ties out of the store. I like a tie to be not as wide, and I like to get some particular flair to it that's me, that I'm satisfied with.

I've done a lot of things at my age. I was a dental technician in the Navy during the Korean War for four years, and [then I sold] dental supplies. Then I went to work for Bank of Virginia and spent 15 years in banking, which was very interesting.

When that department was eliminated, the bank recommended me to Automatic Data Processing — calling on banks and getting their commercial products to call on ADP's products. After that, I went into the fine-art appraisal business, R.E. Crawford & Associates. Today he's one of the better fine-art dealers in the country.

I think good dress is a form of discipline. And again, my age comes into this, but there are places people ought not to go if they are not wearing a coat and tie. It's a matter of respect in some cases, and it's a matter of discipline in others.

I don't like business casual because I just feel it is a lack of discipline. For instance, if you wanted advice on how to invest your money — if you have enough to invest — I don't want to look at a guy in casual trousers and a golf shirt. He should look like he's prosperous.

The worst part [about the job] are slow days and long hours. The best part is, with a business like this, we're a medium- to upper-range store — quality and price-range. We deal with a lot of professional people. It's extremely pleasant really, if you're going to work in retail. I don't think I'd be happy at all in a shopping center or a mall. It just isn't my

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