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Willie Nile at the Tin Pan

Friday, March 27


Willie Nile started his career with Byrds on the brain. The Buffalo, New York-born singer and songwriter still writes songs rooted in the folk rock started by Roger McGuinn and company in the mid-’60s, but wisely, he isn’t beholden to it. Like most wordsmiths working within melodies, Nile uses the pleasure of tones to extenuate his words. His is an acoustic throwback to the Dylan school of using whatever style best suits the narrative. A gregarious performer, Nile exudes an Everyman charisma in his songs of love, won and lost, which is central to his I-fell-in-love-with-music-because-of-the-Everly-Brothers appeal. Nile showcases tunes featured on his critically acclaimed 2014 release, “If I Was a River” on Friday, March 27, at Richmond’s newest listening room, the Tin Pan. The show starts at 8 p.m. Admission is $25-$30.

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