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Will the Real Liberal Please Stand Up?


'Rick Gray's Back Page essay "A (Liberal) Case for McCain?VbCrLf (May 28) was missing a crucial component: a liberal viewpoint. Conservative and progressive ideologies are on opposite sides of the political spectrum for a reason. Conservatives generally oppose expanding government for the purposes of enriching human capital or promoting social progress. Progressives, or liberals, look for ways to partner with government to, in their view, better the lives of citizens.

Support for John McCain lands on the conservative side of the spectrum, not liberal. His votes and rhetoric say so. As do 'Rick Gray's comments about nearly every issue: stay the course in Iraq, oppose government spending on human capital, be critical of Social Security and Medicaid. Everything about the essay made sense except the title. It should have read simply, "A Case for McCain.?VbCrLf


Tim Wright
Washington, D.C.

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