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Whores, American Sharks and Hex Machine at Strange Matter

Sunday, Aug. 3. 9 p.m.


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It’s strange when the music of your youth becomes nostalgia. Such is the case with Whores. The Atlanta noise rockers’ sound is straight 1980s and ’90s Amphetamine Reptile with angry punk, metal and roll distortions, beats and attitudes. At the time, the waves of mutilation championed by the Minneapolis label (the Melvins, Helmet, the Cows, etc.) laid the groundwork for Nirvana’s explosion into the mainstream. Listening to Whores now, you realize that yesterday’s revolution is tomorrow’s dinner music. That isn’t to say Whores don’t pimp a good game. It’s just that it’s disconcerting to hear kids play the middle-finger music of their parents. Whores play Sunday, Aug. 3, at Strange Matter with American Sharks from Austin, Texas, and Richmond’s Hex Machine. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $8-$10.


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