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Who's the Prettiest Mayor?

Winner: Richmond's own Mayor Dwight C. Jones!



Richmond may not have a baseball team, we may not have much in the way of convenient downtown parking and we're not even the only U.S. city out there doing business as Richmond.

While Richmond, Va., may fall short on many fronts, there's at least one competitive advantage we've got over all those other cities of Richmond: one handsome dude at the helm.

That's right, judging the Richmonds on looks alone, even the experts agree, Mayor Dwight C. Jones is, hands down, the prettiest mayor of all our sister cities. We may not be easy to love, but our mayor is easy on the eyes.

“Of these four people I would certainly say Dwight would be the one we grab off the street and ask would he ever consider modeling,” says Stacie Vanchieri, owner and chief talent scout for local modeling agency Modelogic Wilhelmina. She applied her discerning eyes to a group photographs of mayors from the four largest Richmonds (the one-horse towns of Richmond, Mo., and Richmond, Minn., were unable to provide digital photos of their beauty queens for this mayoral meat market).Aÿ “If [Jones] ever decides to change careers, he can call me immediately.”

Of course, that's just in case this whole mayor-of-a-major-city thing doesn't pan out.

So what is it that has Vanchieri jonesing for our Jones?

“He's got a great looking smile,” she says. “Very trustworthy looking — he's awesome.”

Among the four in our Richmond mayor lineup, only one other candidate piqued Vanchieri's interest.

“I would say [Richmond, Ky., Mayor] Connie Lawson … would be a second — she's got that silver fox thing going on. Clients love that stuff,” she says. “The other two we would send their stuff back to them with a thank you, but no thank-you letter.”

Vanchieri's modeling company primarily scouts talent for the various local and national advertising agencies based here. She says that after sizing up Jones she knows exactly where his winning smile would play best.

“He would be perfect for any number of clients, whether it be health-care clients, retirement communities, or banking for sure,” she says. “I can see him now in a group of healthy seniors at the bowling alley. That's him.”

Jones may have a look that turns heads down at the senior center, but probably shouldn't hold his breath waiting for that GQ cover.Aÿ

“He doesn't have any chance in the fashion market,” Vanchieri says. “His chances are nil.”

And Jones thought politics was brutal.Aÿ S

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