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Who Wants Leftovers?



Imagine the T.J Maxx of the art world, where higher priced items are sold at discounted prices. That's the concept behind Tyler Snidow's “one smART gallery.”

Previously known as the Lost Art Sale, one smART gallery has evolved from selling unwanted home consignment art into accepting original artworks from artists and selling them at a discount.

“Artists are prolific — they're just on to the next thing, so they have piles of art,” Snidow says. “So it's sort of like, ‘Hey, that’s yesterday's work,' and it's amazing that nobody has ever really tapped into this. Art is timeless, which is why people are willing to pay money for it, even if artists don't want it.”

For artists who want to clear the studio, Snidow is accepting works through Dec. 1 — with an applicant cap of 100 artists. The gallery opening will be held at Grand Hill Luxury Townhomes in the West End Feb. 27 and run through March 7.

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