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Whistle-Blower Choice Hurts VCU's Legacy


I am saddened by your pick for Richmonder of the Year (“The Whistle-Blower,” Cover Story, Jan. 7). I moved to Richmond in 1974 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, and I have seen many great things that VCU has done for those in our city and beyond. Bad events eventually fade from memory, and VCU deserves to be defined by its 40-year history of achievements.

However, every year as you announce your Richmonder of the Year, there will be the list of past years' nominees with the whistle-blower among them. Whether you see a hero in an anonymous e-mailer (I do not), or a media circus creating a mountain out of a molehill, I think we can all agree that this was not VCU's finest moment.
There is nothing monu
mental here, only the need for us all to move on. By creating a yearly reminder of regrettable events, you are doing a great disservice to VCU as a whole, and to all of us who admire its fine qualities.
Gary Halliday

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