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While Politicians Fight Taxes, Things Just Get Worse

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Nancy Finch is right on that our erstwhile leaders are fearful about mentioning any sort of revenue. It will be even worse when the Virginia Taliban takes charge in Richmond on Jan. 12. No one likes taxes but they are the price we pay for good government.

Should we eliminate unnecessary waste? Inefficient workers, boards, commissions? Corporate bribes (my bad — incentives)? Tax exemptions? Excessive regulations? Yes. But we also have to generate sufficient revenue to support the services of which Ms. Finch speaks, e.g., gasoline taxes. Schools shouldn’t be dependent on gambling nor should public employees’ compensation be underfunded or given promissory notes. There simply is no free lunch.

We as citizens have to make our views known by visiting, writing, emailing our legislators and public officials, and voting. If we fail to become engaged, we send the message that “whatever” is OK. Make no mistake, the big corporate boys are not leaving their interests to chance. Nor should we.

Walt Pulliam Jr.M

Nancy Finch is to be commended for telling it like it is.

Many people want “more, more, more” but appear unwilling to pay for it. Unfortunately, we appear so cowed on the local, state and national level by the no-taxes crowd that we are unwilling to admit that services require money to pay for them. So — as Ms. Finch points out — “Here we sit in park again.” Or, maybe she should have said, “Now we are going in reverse,” as our schools and roads get worse and our country loses its competitive edge in education and once great infrastructure.

R. Crist Berry



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