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What's Black and White and Jumps All Over?



Last year, they were lizards and cacti and whatnot. This year, the dancing illusionists of Momix are getting rid of the extraneous: color and more or less recognizable humans. In "Lunar Sea," coming to UR's Modlin Center Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 16-17 at 7:30 p.m., feats of motion are accomplished with black lights and the clever use of spandex. Dancers in black and white body stockings are illuminated as they move around the stage, making shapes of limbs that appear and disappear. The human form is broken down into its bendy parts, which come back together like living scribbles in front of a moonscape. The acrobatics become yet more surreal when the dancers are carried around by invisible hands. And then there are the puppets. Hints of humanity come through in the second act, though, when the stage is saturated with red light for a duet. Which means only one thing: sex. Tickets are $8-$36. 289-8980. S

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