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Whatever the mood, whatever the food, there's a wine to go with any menu.

Grape Tastes

Before the weather gets unbearably hot and humid (or even when it does), why not enjoy a simple repast under the trees, on the back deck, on the beach, or by the river? Wine may not be a classic accompaniment to tuna sandwiches or fried chicken, but there are times when wine is just a whole lot more festive than iced tea. Al fresco dining can be romantic (just the two of you), lively (a family reunion with guests of all ages), elegant or casual.

Whatever the mood, whatever the food, there's a wine to go with any menu.

1998 Michel Lynch Sauvignon Blanc, $8.99. This fresh, crisp white Bordeaux is refreshing, but not overly acidic. Try it with chicken of any kind, tuna sandwiches, or a Nicoise salad.

1999 Campanile Pinot Grigio, $11. Young and bright, with flavors of citrus fruits and pears, this Italian white is delicious with salads and simple pasta dishes, as well as classic Southern fried chicken.

1998 Meridian Gew�rtztraminer, $8. A California white from Santa Barbara, this slightly sweet wine pairs up well with ham sandwiches and salads flavored with curry or Asian spices.

1998 Vi¤a Carmen Merlot, $7.99. This big, bold red from Chile's Valle Central is for cool summer nights, to pour with platters of cold roast beef or sweet Italian sausages hot off the grill. Full of cassis and blackberry flavors, this is one to pull out for red wine lovers.

1996 Trentadue Winery Old Patch Red, $14. Despite its Italian name (trentadue means "32" in Italian), this red blend made from Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignane is made in California. It's nicely balanced with flavors of cherry and spice. Try it with cold pork tenderloin with mustardy mayonnaise or grilled chicken sandwiches.

1999 Georges Duboeuf Régnié, $9.49. 1999 was a good year in Beaujolais, and the crus have just been released. Try the newest cru, Régnié, with grilled sausages, ptés and cheeses. This medium-bodied, fruit-juicy red wine is best when served lightly chilled.

1998 Lindemans Pinot Noir Bin 99, $7.99. From South Australia, this full, rich red is delicious with cheeses, grilled flank steak and roast beef sandwiches.

1997 Stonehaven Shiraz, Limestone Coast, $16. Many wines made from the Shiraz grape are exceptionally assertive, full-bodied and best consumed in cold weather. This Australian Shiraz is full of berry flavors with hints of toasted oak and spice, but isn't too bold to serve at a summer meal. Try it with grilled steaks, or slices of leftover leg of lamb accompanied by Dijon mustard and lots of freshly ground black

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