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What the Folk?!



Sea shanties, children's songs, country-rock ballads and old-school folk -- yes, you might know John McCutcheon for any of these things. The singer-songwriter is also well-known for his essays supporting peace and justice. His new record, "Sermons on the Mound," calls out against such varied topics as the war in Iraq, the tragedies of post-Katrina New Orleans, steroids and global warming. This isn't surprising when considering McCutcheon's past efforts, such as the Web-only track, "Puppies," which addresses Leona Helmsley, Michael Vick, Guantanamo Bay, Darfur, living wages and health care in three acoustic minutes. The seven-time Grammy nominee performs at a benefit for the Richmond Peace Education Center Friday, May 2, at 7:30 p.m. $8-$20. 232-1002 or visit

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