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What Nature's Really Trying to Tell Us


Here's one of Carson Fox's guiding principles when it comes to art: "I am interested in beauty, but I mistrust it." And how can you blame the New York artist, when her show at 1708 Gallery attracts the eye with delicate wire-frame sculptures adorned with tiny flowers that spell out such words as "Liar" and "Bully?" Nature can be so critical. It's that fragile relationship that she explores in "Fight or Flight," opening April 7, 7-10 p.m. Fox's thin, filigreed works, above, look like something an industrious spider might spin. Wall sculptures of flowers convey the beauty of nature while maintaining a sense of the artificial. And detailed renderings of animals look like something out of an antique guide to the outdoors, but the label under a bird in flight reads "alone" rather than the species name. Fox's mistrust puts a very familiar human stamp on the natural condition. Through April 29. 643-1708. S

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