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Matthew Mohammed, Entrepreneur

This is a bean pie. [Holds up a 6-inch pie in an aluminum-foil shell, which he waves at oncoming cars.] It's made with navy beans, sugar, eggs, milk and butter. People who eat bean pies know what's in them. I also sell lotion and incense. Sometimes I bring my hot-dog cart and work that, too.

I grew up right here in Fairfield. So I'm not amongst strangers. As a child I used to carry groceries in a little red wagon. Usually I'm here at Mechanicsville Turnpike and Whitcomb Street about this time every day. I would say it's a good corner.

I'm not inclined to give you an in-depth interview right now. I'm out here doing business, trying to make my way. And I try to look my best. Like the minister says, I don't want to be like a dull and dirty glass. If someone put a dirty glass and a clean glass in front of you, which one would you rather choose? Likewise, if you own one suit: Keep it clean.

This is the latest edition of Final Call. You can find the papers each week down on Brookland Park Boulevard. We're always talking about love. How can we have love when we don't have patience for the next individual? That's what the minister says. Anyway, I said a minute ago that I think I've said too much.

Yes sir, How can I help you? [Customer reaches for a paper and some incense.] Whatever you can donate will do. You're helping us in that call to fight crack cocaine in our communities. Can you help us in that call today?

— As told to Brandon Walters; photographed by Scott Elmquist.

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