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What I Do: David Boisineau, 28

Roadie for Avail

And then, when the show's over, since they've been playing for an hour, they split and go cool down or whatever, and I start packing everything up. Everything fits exactly in its spot. It goes in the same way every night. … And most of the time then we get right back on the road and to whatever the hotel might be that night.

Having common sense is the biggest requirement. But there are definitely points where … a kid will be onstage or something and I'll push him off. I'm … so fed up with the same kid who has gotten onstage 20 times in the show, and he keeps stepping on the same girl's face when he jumps off. And finally, I'll just be like, "screw this guy," and just shove him off and be kind of rough about it. And somebody in the band will look at me like, you know, you can shove him off, but just don't shove him off like that! They don't want it coming around the next day. On some [online] punk-rock chat room … you're gonna see, "Avail's roadie was really mean to me last night." You definitely have to have a cool head, even when at times … when stuff's getting crazy.

Generally, the crowds take care of problems themselves. It always seems to end well. The guys in Avail are really good at solving problems instead of fighting stuff out, you know. They know how to diffuse situations really well. Seems like everything always ends with shaking hands. — As told to Andy Garrigue; photographed by Scott Elmquist.

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