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What I Do: Curtis Bordewyk, 55

President, Curtis Drilling

Right now with this drought going on … I'm leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning, and I'm getting back around 8 at night. And it's getting pretty hectic. I have a very understanding wife.

A lot of people, you know, are putting the pressure on us, which is understandable. And we're very fair people. I've got 80 wells. … Two elderly ladies that are [out of water], they're high priority. And then I have farmers that have animals — that's the next priority. And we've got a list of people that are just getting along.

[What's rewarding is when you help] the older people, that they're totally out of water … they're really thankful. I had a lady call this morning that was just bubbling over. She could do her laundry … and it makes you feel good.

— As told to Jason Roop; Photographed by Scott Elmquist.

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