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West Isn't Budging: Wilder Was Disaster

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In his defense of Gov. Wilder's indefensible antics, Michael Byrne's comment, “Former Mayor Is Like a Bully With a Dictionary” (Letters, Feb. 24), was incoherent and twisted. His ignorance of Wilder's lack of compassion and common sense was obvious.  With his pimped mind he is oblivious to Wilder's mean-spirited tactics.

Byrne and others of his ilk are challenged to fact-check their blind loyalty to Wilder. A self-absorbed, selfish and uncaring individual will be revealed. They will also find immense human carnage in the aftermath of his endeavors. The state and city have suffered unimaginable harm. I further challenge them to disprove my previous facts.

It is apparent that Byrne and other minnows of Wilder are plagued by arrogant incuriosity. Some questions beg obvious answers. As governor, what did he do for his so-called beloved city? What did blacks gain from his historic election? Was it his cold absence of racial pride that precipitated his attempted destruction of the Richmond Public Schools? His callousness was shocking.

Byrne's accusation of my “race-calling” did not compute with honesty. Failure to prove this vitriolic assertion makes him a bold-faced liar. I make no apology for my efforts to ensure respect for the American birthright of blacks.

I do, however, agree with Byrne that the at-large election of the mayor “was not such a bad idea.” I supported this change.

My eternal regret will be the nightmarish election of Wilder. Hope became a headache with his concurrent recklessness to destroy public education in Richmond.

My response to Byrne's nonsensical tirade violates an ageless admonitory tenet: “do not argue with a fool, people can't tell the difference.” His comment epitomized the essence of ad nauseam. For Byrne's benefit, this means Wilder is utterly disgusting.

Roy A. West


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