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West Creek Wasn't Ready

Those against the planned rezonings in Hanover ("Tomato Toss: Blame Hanover Fight on Motorola," Street Talk, March 21) feel the county supervisors made a "bad bet" 10 years ago in deciding to build a large wastewater treatment plant in order to attract large commercial users, citing that Goochland County had attracted Motorola to West Creek, which already had such utility hookups.


At the time Motorola was interested in West Creek, the business park did not have anywhere near the plant capacity for either potable water or wastewater to serve Motorola's needs and would have required Goochland and/or Motorola to construct same.

It took us in Goochland 10 years from the Motorola decision not to come to Goochland (or anywhere for that matter) and a $63 million bond issue paid by the landowners surrounding West Creek to bring sewer and water to the eastern end of Goochland County.

Robert P. Rich
Chair, 1994 Goochland
Commission on the Future;
Chair, Goochland Planning Commission

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