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Webb Upsets Supporters; GOP Chair Gloats



A half-dozen demonstrators waved a 30-foot-long banner with the message "Don't Buy Bush's War" in front of Democratic U.S. Sen. Jim Webb's Franklin Street office June 6. The protestors plan to continue lobbying Virginia officials until Congress halts funding of the war in Iraq.

"I want them to defund the war," says protestor Larry Syverson. His three sons on active duty have served five tours in Iraq among them. "I respect Webb. I campaigned for him and voted for him, but I think [the vote] was a sellout," he says. "Bush got everything he wanted."

And the protestors got what they asked for, snipes Republican Party of Virginia spokesman Shaun Kenney, who happened to walk by during the demonstration. "They wanted him, they got him," he says.

The protestors disapprove of Webb's May 24 vote approving additional funding for the war in Iraq, which includes no timetable for withdrawal.

In a prepared statement, Webb sent a conflicted response: "On the one hand, I find myself unable to vote against a measure that is necessary to fund our troops who are now in harm's way. On the other, I will not relent from my continuing efforts to bring this occupation to an end." S

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