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We Know How to Handle Wilder

I take exception to the tone of Scott Bass' article "Controlled Chaos: Wilder's Strategy Befuddles Foes" (News & Features, April 2). No one attending the meeting called by Councilwomen Robertson and McQuinn was befuddled, confused or unsure of how to react to the mayor's threat. On the contrary, a measured, thought-out action plan began to take form. Several suggestions, all of which would be effective at countering the threats, were made and discussed, and the most powerful and practical of these were agreed upon as the way to proceed.

It is unfortunate that Style did not receive notice of the meeting until just before it began; however, I personally received an e-mail and call from my councilwoman's office three hours before the appointed meeting time. The fact that the room was packed attests to the fact that the councilwomen acted quickly and efficiently to bring us all together. The media may have been uncomfortably crowded into one side of the room, but it was important that those called to discuss the issue be the ones at the conference table.

Mr. Bass appears to have written his article without the benefit of having heard the entire discussion. The most important point was not made regarding the public schools, it was made regarding the legality of the mayor's threatened action.

Finally, to suggest that the citizens of the City of Richmond and the elected City Council are overmatched by the bullying and illegal tactics of Mayor Doug Wilder is insulting and incorrect. Meeting attendees included business owners and community and religious leaders. All are highly intelligent, politically savvy and strong-willed people who have dealt with issues much more challenging than Doug Wilder, and I can assure you that none are befuddled by his behavior. We all know where he's coming from, and we will challenge those actions that do not serve to improve the quality of life for all Richmonders.

Jeanne Boisineau

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