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We All Got Arrested


There was a time when "arrested development" didn't spark thoughts of Jason Bateman and the critically acclaimed but failed situation comedy. In the 1990s, those two words could refer only to the short-lived rap collective that brought forth the popular singles "Tennessee," "Mr. Wendal" and "People Everyday." The Atlanta-based group is often left out when the rise of Southern rap is discussed, possibly because of its pop appeal, but it was among the first to celebrate the Southern way of life with beats and rhymes. The group disbanded after three albums, but re-formed in 2000 and sued Fox over the name of the similarly titled quirky sitcom in 2003. Arrested Development, the band, plays with Crucial Elements at Friday Cheers on Brown's Island May 30 at 6:30 p.m., free. Call 788-6466 or visit -- Craig Belcher

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