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Sure there are also cheap eats to be had at The Bottom Line, but tonight everyone is here for the show. On this particular evening, I delight in watching two friends share the experience of what is (for one of them) his bachelor party. As they fumble through the Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper," Mr. Soon-To-Be-Married sways back-and-forth in a state of sheer drunkenness, while his best man belts out the "Baby I'm your man" line in a spirited howl. Gracious. What would the Japanese think? — Angelo DeFranzoBelieve it or not, you can hit the stage

every night of the week somewhere in


Sunday: Dick's Inn

Monday: Penny Lane Pub & Restaurant

Tuesday: Sticky Rice, Surfish Station and Raw Bar

Wednesday: The Bottom Line, Babe's, Park Avenue Grill

Thursday: Mulligan's Sports Grille, South Side, Awful Arthurs West End

Friday: Rick's Café and Lounge West

Saturday: Mekong Restaurant

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