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VIDEO: Gubernatorial Candidates Try Comedy

A night of laughs and crickets at the Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association's annual dinner.



The four men who want to be Virginia's next governor drew genuine guffaws and several awkward moments at a Feb. 11 event thrown by the reporters who cover them.

It may be early in the campaign, but there seemed to be plenty of material, including handcuffs, bathroom humor and references to Hillary Clinton and Pat Robertson. And someone called someone's campaign adviser an ass.

The candidates did it all on the record, and rightfully so, considering they were appearing at the Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association's annual dinner.

The Democratic candidates, who face off in a primary June 9, poked fun at each other -- state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, of Bath County; former Delegate Brian J. Moran, of Alexandria; and Terry McAuliffe, who is former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the aforementioned Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid.

They also spent time ribbing the presumed Republican candidate for governor, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, who's announced he'll leave office later this month to focus on the campaign. The election is Nov. 3.


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