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Video Fan Meets Fundraising Goal, Will Stay Open


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Richmond will hold onto Video Fan. The video rental store met a $35,200 fundraising goal with less than a day to spare.

Store owner Doug McDonald put the store up for lease in October, saying the 29-year-old business was struggling and he might have to close. Manager Andrew Blossom decided to make a pitch for survival through Kickstarter. The money will go toward paying rent on the space for the next year and converting the store into a nonprofit.

“It feels really nice,” Blossom says of hitting the goal. “It’s been a very nerveracking experience doing this, but it’s also been really affirmative because a lot of people have expressed how much Video Fan means to them.”

Video Fan will host a concert to celebrate the campaign at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Nov. 29, where memorabilia items not claimed during the fundraiser will be up for auction.

The money raised will also fund a documentary about the store, “Video Fan Forever,” set for release in 2016.


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