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Verb Your Enthusiasm

Artist and author Lee Knapp turns good grammar into fun products.



This holiday season, if you're not politically correct, you can at least be grammatically correct. J.R. Tucker High School history teacher, artist and author Lee Knapp's line of stationery, mugs and dessert plates, Grammar Stuff: Products for the Grammatically Aware Lifestyle, are the perfect combination of proper form and practical function. I mean: Why not study the distinction between “lie” and “lay” over (or during?) eggs and coffee?

“One friend joked that I had made the Bill Clinton Memorial Plate,” Knapp says, laughing. “If you're a nerd, there's something really funny about bad grammar.” And there's something really funny about sending one of Knapp's Verb cards via post: “Hope you get a little action on your birthday.”

But chances are you'll be torn between using Grammar Stuff yourself, stuffing it in a stocking and hand delivering it to that friend or relative whose sloppy speech grates your last nerve. “Most grammarians wouldn't say to your face, ‘Didn't you mean to say? …' But we're passive aggressive, so you can just hand them this mug instead,” Knapp says.

She has designed her products around the grammatical faux pas that irk her most. “My particular pet peeve is ‘just between you and I.' People think it sounds more sophisticated but it's incorrect!” she says. “I'm more artist than businesswoman. I just want people to use good grammar!” Now you and yours can learn the difference between the subjective and the objective while eating your fruitcake or your latkes.

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