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Adventure funcore.

“Adventure funcore” is how members describe their keyboard-driven sound. It combines catchy elements of ’80s pop, punk and hardcore for songs referencing Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and Richmond relatives like Rah Bras and Hot New Dance Hits. Bass-heavy arrangements and razor-sharp drumming provide muscular backing for chanted vocals and swirling melodies wrought from three keyboards. In little over a year, the sound has garnered the group a growing regional reputation as a live act.

The band is a collective of northern and southern Virginia refugees. The high-energy barrage by this collection of college students and restaurant workers is made without guitars; they decided to lose the time-honored six-string when no member in the group could play one effectively.

Word of mouth is turning VCR into Richmond’s Next Big Thing. And an avid supporter at the William Morris Agency has been helping the band book shows. The band seems genuinely bewildered by the excitement it’s generated and is entertaining offers from several record labels after fervent audience response at select East Coast gigs. Stardom may be around the corner whether they like it or not. — Chris Bopst

VCR’s latest album, a self-titled EP, is available through its label’s Web site,

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