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Vandal Slashes SUVs, Leaves Eco-Messages

The man says a note on his windshield derided SUV owners as irresponsible and ignorant to the consequences of an oil shortage and war in the Middle East. Therefore, the "air in your SUVs has been liberated," the owner says the note proclaims. He says the note is about two sentences long, printed from a computer in red ink.

The man reported the incident to police. He later was told by police that other reports had been filed, but that there were no leads in the case.

A spokeswoman with Richmond police said there have been some reports of tire-slashing, but she could not provide more details by press time.

Mark Brandon, owner of Davis and Main restaurant in the Fan, says he saw the notes attached to some windshields. Brandon, who says he detests SUVs, doesn't approve of the vandalism — at least not in the Fan. "I wish nuts like this lived in the West End — that's where all the SUVs are," he says.

The SUV owner calls the vandal a hypocrite. "I don't know who these clowns are or whether they believe in their message or not, but it's a contradiction," he says. "It's about as stupid a thing to do as those people who blow up abortion clinics." — Brandon Walters

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