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Two not-for-kids cartoons debut on the Cartoon Network.

Friday Night Cartoons


Two new animated series — neither aimed at children — debut Friday, Nov. 12, on the Cartoon Network.

"Courage the Cowardly Dog," airing at 9 p.m., chronicles the life of a perpetually panicky purple puppy. The series is from the mind of John R. Dilworth and is based on his 1995 short film, "The Chicken from Outer Space," which won him an Academy Award nomination for best Animated Short. If you're an NFL fan, you may remember the characters Dilworth created for "The Grunt and Punt Show" when NFL broadcasts were on Fox in 1994.

Among the voices on "Courage" is Lionel Wilson, who began his career performing all the roles on the "Tom Terrific" series.

"Courage" has its moments of fun, but generally the series is much too overwrought — as though everybody involved has had way too much coffee.

"Mike, Lu & Og," airing at 8 p.m., is a beautifully visualized series featuring the watercolor stylings of co-creator Mikhail Aldashin, who works out of Moscow. (The other two co-creators work in California, and the series is animated in Korea.)

Mike is a sophisticated New Yorker who opts for an exchange-student program that lands her on a remote tropical island, where the series explores the comical aspects of what it means to be civilized. One of the island's natives, Lu, is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who also provides the voice for Bart Simpson.

Lovely as it is to look at, "Mike, Lu & Og" is disjointed and lacks focus. It aims for wry, but it's all

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