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Two Man Gentlemen Band at Stronghill Dining Company


When you first listen to banjo player Andy Bean and string bassist Fuller Condon perform as the folk duo the Two Man Gentlemen Band, it may seem as though recycling old music styles has finally reached a ridiculous pitch. But after a few minutes you eventually come to terms with the truth: These two guys actually make a living combining the styles of old vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, and hot jazz into a frenetically fun musical performance. Whether they're singing about the obesity of our 27th president (“you can't squeeze nothing past William Howard Taft”), the explosion of the Hindenburg or conducting instrumental solos on kazoos, they'll offer some seriously playful wit at Stronghill Dining Company on Monday, April 13, at 10:30 p.m. 359-0202. — Mike Hilleary

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