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Two generations of artists come together in "The Bopst Family Exhibit" at Corporate and Museum Frame.

Art's in the Family


Art wears heavy on the Bopst family genes, a trait C. Maynard Bopst says he thinks originated with his grandmother. And it's a dominant trait, too, spawning artists in at least three generations. Now C. Maynard thinks it's time for a very artful family reunion.

"The Bopst Family Exhibit" opens Oct. 1 at Corporate and Museum Frame. "We've had an exhibit of Chris' work before," says Anahita Khonsari of the Broad Street gallery, "and we really like his collages." Khonsari says, too, that this is the first time Corporate and Museum Frame has hosted a collective family exhibit.

The retrospective includes 20 to 25 works by McLean graphic artist and painter, Joan Marie Bopst, and her two thirtysomething sons who both live in Richmond.

"I had never seen a family bloodline show," says C. Maynard, the brother who has organized the trio's exhibit that shows through Nov. 3. "Our influences are from all over the map," he says. "My brother's [Edward Eric] work is more abstract, like Paul Klee. He's a surrealist."

Bopst own "media obsessive" works combine what he describes as deliberate design and randomness. "My mother uses a little bit of each," he says. "There's everything from the violent to the very serene."

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