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Twitter Back: Trani


We asked our Twitter followers (www.twitter.com/StyleWeekly) what they thought of the new Trani statue:

@karnsIcon_lock As a former VCU employee, I can only say... completely inane and yet not a surprise at all. Kind of pharaonic, actually

@sarvay It was, in fact, Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “My downfall raises me to infinite heights.” Et tu, Eugene Trani, et tu?

@mikesn5va Is he in his Zen Buddha state of standing meditation, considering his next COMMAND?

@BenInBoulder Looks like he's casting out the devil from a possessed parishioner

@mapref37n33w I can't decide if it's any better or any worse than the weird Trani bust & tableau sculpture outside of Hibbs.

@jasonkenney Maybe it's really Trani bronzed. Anyone seen him lately? Also, not as bad as Rams horns they're building outside the commons.

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