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Twitter Back: T-D


We asked our Twitter followers (www.twitter.com/styleweekly) who they miss most at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which most recently eliminated 31 open positions and laid off 59 employees, including 28 from the newsroom (“Hatchet Falls Deep at Times-Dispatch,” StyleWeekly.com, April 2).

Madmarvelgirl: I honestly haven't bought a T-D in years, but I still can't believe Neman is gone.

WiggWorks: ALL of the great columnists! Ray McAllister, Mark Holmberg, Steve Clark, etc. and 'Sapps because he was the “news leader.”

RVAMAG: we really miss their integrity, but it's been years since we've seen that cat around.

Ellummoxo: Nobody really. They've failed to keep up with anyone but my grandparent's generation. Even my parents (60s) don't read it.

Chpn: Mark Holmberg — he wrote about the on-the-ground Richmond with a feeling and depth that hasn't been matched.

MaryEllinArch: The front-line editors who got the paper out: Hallman, Shaw, Vaughan, Eshleman; and librarians Saunders, Albers, Perilli, Hall.

Chicarmoire: ahhhh nothing? *searching brain for any memories and finds none*

RusWornom: All my friends behind the scenes in Adv and Art...the unsung heroes the public doesn't know.

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