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Tweetback @StyleWeekly: The New Gun Law


We asked our Twitter followers, “How do you stand on the new law allowing concealed-carry permit-holders to bring guns in restaurants?” Some replies:

@thatjonesgirl Perhaps now, Richmond Public Schools can rent out their metal detectors to #RVA restaurants on the weekends. Ignorance at best!

@GregAAI Another victory for 2nd Amendment and an extra deterrent to criminals. Those who apply for [concealed-carry permits] typically adhere to the laws.

@sullivan_s I've heard people carrying weapons will not be allowed to consume alcohol. … Will restaurants ask for ID + permit if you order from the bar? What is someone lies?

@gershomww The last thing I want is a patron turning a simple robbery into a gunfight in the name of “helping.”

@teevirus I am fine with it. I only frequent restaurants that have pat-downs and metal detectors anyway, i.e. classy joints.

@impoliticeye As the victim of a gunshot wound, the fewer guns I see — anywhere — the better.

@JMUJONMAC We don't mix alcohol and cars because judgment is impaired while under the influence, but mixing alcohol and guns is OK?

@Sharif28 Stupid law, but probably a non-issue. Anyone who'd bring a gun to a bar, drink and shoot up the place, would've done it anyway.

@aplusvaservices Guns in restaurants: not agreement. My husband has a gun permit, isn't appropriate to carry in restaurants. Families are there.

@SharpshooterRon A free people have a right to defend themselves wherever they are be it their home, their car or to dinner with friends.

@robsmithiii I'm fine with the idea. Restaurant owners can still not allow it if they choose to ... which I think is a wise decision anyway.

NBC-12 will feature a live discussion of the issue on “First at 4” with Ryan Nobles (@Ryanobles) on Wednesday, July 14, including commentary from Punch Drunk columnist Jack Lauterback (@jackgoesforth) and Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (@VCDL_ORG).

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