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Richmond isn't behind on food trendiness. You just have to know where to go.


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Fresh sardines (Mamma 'Zu, Enoteco Sogno).

Tequila bars (Tio Pablo).

Ultra-long dry aging of meat (Hondos).

Lobster (Water Grill).

Rabbit (the Blue Goat, the Berkeley).

Chicken skin (Nate's Taco Truck). 

Uni (Carytown Sushi).

Yuzu (Fanhouse).

Communal tables (Stella's, Pasture).

Tamarind (El Vaquero).

Ox tail (the Blue Goat, Comfort).

Not slathered-in-orange-something duck (Secco, Peter Chang).

Razor clam (Full Kee).

Flowers reappearing on dinner plates (the Empress, Acacia).

Handmade ricotta and burrata (Bistro 27).

Hyper-local sourcing (Portico).

Kalbi, bulgogi (Korean Garden).

Huacatay — Peruvian mint and tagetes minuta — marigolds (Chicken Mania, Rocoto Chicken).  

Hibiscus (Bistro Bobette).

Breakfast all day (the Mill at MacArthur).

Sopes (La Panchito, Don Pedros).

Farm to glass (Blowtoad, Comfort, Pasture).

Peruvian everything (Rocoto, the Cellar Door).

Cuttlefish (the Empress).

Baozi (Full Kee).

Nduja (SausageCraft, Olli).

Microdistilleries (Ardent Craft, Hardywood).

Rockfish belly (Camden's).

Bacalao (C'est Le Vin).

Green papaya salads (Pho Tay Do).

Lamb ribs and belly (the Roosevelt).

Seaweed in non-Asian dishes (BokaTruck).

Meatballs (Balliceaux).

Fancy fried chicken (Lemaire, Pasture, Camden's).

Cowboy cuts (Hondos).

Smelts (Stella's).

More small plates (Mansion 526).

Tuna and eggs (8 1/2).

Terrines (Secco).

Chicken pot pie (Athens Tavern).

Tweet-ups (Selba, etc.)


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