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Treachery and the new world order ... Commuter story a wake-up call


Treachery and the new world order

We hope Rozanne Epps' article titled "The Almighty Dollar" (Back Page, Sept. 28) is not another voice crying in the wilderness.

Government propaganda is what the media dutifully sells to Americans when it speaks of our stable, prosperous economy. Very deliberately the public is "disinformed" and kept uninformed regarding our geopolitical strategy, globalization and monetary policies.

Those who have controlled world affairs are using any means necessary to keep that control so we suggest that each of you do your own research to learn the facts. The facts are disturbing and frightening. The governments "disinformation" leads its citizens into compliance with inevitable treachery and certain continuous subservience to the wills of those pushing globalization and the new world order, intended to destroy existing nation states and their economies.

-- Jackie and Fergie Reid

Commuter story a wake-up call

Kudos for Jessica Haddad's excellent article about the road warriors traveling between Richmond and Washington in an exhausting attempt to have a well-paying, successful and challenging career (Cover story, Oct. 12).

In a recent job search, I was frustrated beyond measure by the lack of reasonably priced transportation options to the Northern Virginia/Washington area, since the Richmond job market offers little to those not interested in banking, stock brokerage, or secretarial work.

It's well past time for high-speed train routes, cheaper Amtrak service to the capital and extension of Fredericksburg's Virginia Railway Express service to Richmond.

Most of all, it's time for Richmond's movers and shakers to grab the collective shoulders of the establishment and drill it into their stubborn psyches that, unless the city does something to revitalize itself as a hub of technology, educational and commercial activity, Richmond's technological and social decline will become a landslide of epic proportion. Stop being so damned cheap and fix up the airport and train stations (including those abandoned in outlying areas) so they can serve as a base for a world-class transportation system that will intrigue and attract businesses and corporations from around the world to our area.

Every single resident of the Richmond metropolitan area should be ashamed that the state capital — the city that represents the commonwealth as a whole — prefers a slow slide into decrepitation rather than to accommodate its residents with decent, reliable long-distance commuter transportation.

While Tim Kaine and Sa'ad El-Amin bicker about who will finance the renovation of Maggie Walker into the Governor's School, and Jim Gilmore floats in the taxpayer-funded pool of his rented mansion on Cary Street Road, commuters are racing up and down Interstate 95 contributing to the pollution, stress and accident statistics legendary for that strip of highway. None of these leaders obviously gives a tinker's dam for the people in your article or their thousands of unnamed cohorts.

Hopefully Haddad's insightful feature will prompt those empty suits to get the commuter ball rolling before they find themselves presiding over a workerless wasteland.

--Jane W. Ballard


Because of incorrect information provided to Style Weekly by an Alcoholic Beverage Control agent, an Oct. 5 Street Talk identified Lisa Edge as an employee of Hooters on Huguenot Road. That information is incorrect. Style regrets the error.

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