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Track 22 - Brian Jones Quartet

"Bowie Tune"



From the opening ghostly evocation of "Life on Mars" to the slow-motion chords that drive "Ashes to Ashes," the music on display here quietly evokes David Bowie's musical vocabulary without ever quite coming into royalty-requiring focus. This edition of the Brian Jones Quartet adds the very-well-matched duo of bassist Jimmy Masters and guitarist Trey Pollard to the longtime pairing of Jones with former Agents of Good Roots band mate J.C. Kuhl — here on bass clarinet. The languorous tempo of "Bowie Tune" exposes every detail of tone, texture and rhythm while the piece unwinds in a relaxed and elegant cadence. Anyone can grab attention with a scream; few can hold it with a sustained whisper.

22 Bowie Tune by Brian Jones Quartet

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