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Track 17 - Old New Things

"Dead Time"



"Dead Time" is where Bill Frisell-influenced Americana meets John Zorn-esqe Jewish melodism. Adam Larrabee's banjo creates a unique texture for the twinned and intertwining horns of J.C. Kuhl on saxophone and Taylor Barnett on trumpet. Old New Things includes bassist Cameron Ralson and guitarist Trey Pollard (both of whom are featured on other selections of this compilation) and drummer Emre Katari — who founded the jazz program at Turkey's Hacettepe University jazz program after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University. Old New Things' self-titled CD is one of the best local jazz discs of the year so far, covering a vast landscape of musical territory with well-structured, multilayered clarity, opening a fresh new dimension to the Richmond sound.

17 Dead Time by Old New Things

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