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Track 13 - Os Magrelos

"Seja Como For"



Keyboardist Marlysse Simmons (Bio Ritmo) started Os Magrelos two years ago to explore her love of Brazilian music. For this track she wrote the music and plays Wurlitzer while the lyrics and vocals are by her frequent collaborator, Laura Ann Singh, who speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese. You'll notice the heavy Brazilian influence through the rhythm, simplicity of the melody and the melodic Brazilian Portuguese language itself. "Seja Como For" will be released this summer as the B side of a 45 on Electric Cowbell Records. The band, which is rounded out by Tobias Whitaker on trombone, Cameron Ralston on bass and Matt Wyatt on drums, doesn't have a regular gig in Richmond, so catch it whenever you can (they all play in other bands). Recorded by local Lance Koehler, this track also features guest percussion work from Tony Costa and Bruno Lucini.

13 Seja Como For by Os Magrelos

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