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Toys for kids and grown-ups: Part 4

Terrific Turn-of-the Century Toys


This hat, called a Snorter by its maker, milliner Ignatius, is so, so fun. Wrap the 2-yard tail around like a turban or a scarf or just let it hang loose. But don't forget about Isadora Duncan and her unfortunate fate. $45 at Ignatius Hats, 2925 W. Cary St., 354-0726.

Good design rules at World of Mirth where the shelves are jam-packed with toys that are not only fun to play with but great to look at. ABC play table ($159.95) comes with hanging toy holders and one chair. On top, a set of 27 sturdy, brightly colored blocks, Village of Towers ($74.95) made by dollsanddreams. 3005 W. Cary St., 353-8991.

These have been around for generations, but they've never been so soft and bright. This velvety creature rests on your big pillow hiding PJs inside its zipped up backside. $30 at Lane Sanson, 3423 W. Cary St., 358-0053.

[image-1]Toys are not just for tots. A bauble like this fabulous 14 karat yellow gold necklace designed by Sam Hill makes a fine toy for the sophisticate in your life. Gold discs are topped with graduated cultured salt water pearls. $4,000 at Dransfield Jewelers, 1308 E. Cary St., 643-0171.

Mais oui! Le perfect pick for tea-party lovers of all ages. Red and white Bonjour tea set with kitty cat has matching linens. Tea pot, $39; mugs, $12 each; mats, $9 each; napkins, $7.50. At The T Room, 5075 Forest Hill Ave., 233-9073.

Never before have cordless tools been quite so capable. This coveted Porter-Cable 14.2 volt (we're talking power here, folks) drill and circular saw duo ($385) is 100 percent workhorse. Pleasants Hardware, 2024 W. Broad St., 359-9381; Short Pump Crossing, 364-2876.

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