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Toys for kids and grown-ups: Part 3

Terrific Turn-of-the Century Toys


Plastic everywhere and not a natural fiber to be found? Not so with this traditional painted wooden Car Park with hand-cranked elevator, just right for Matchbox cars. Great for Grandma's house where plastic is often frowned upon. $49.95 at Toys That Teach, Gayton Crossing, 741-5611; Stony Point Shopping Center, 272-2391.

[image-1]So it's come to this, fellow drivers. Apparently we're not evolved far enough to be able to pull a car into a garage without scraping the sides. Surely, you are not inept enough to need one of these, but you have may a friend who is. Park Zone sounds an alarm when you're too close. $59.95 at Rountrees, 5915 W. Broad St., 282-3743; Towne Center Plaza, 795-2119.

Some golfers just gotta have the latest and greatest. The Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawk Eye tungsten-injected titanium irons could get you some brownie points as being Best Gift Giver Ever. $1,300 for graphite or $1,000 for steel at the Richmond Golf Center, 5918 W. Broad St., 288-4653.

Another hallmark of our times: things that do things we don't want to do ourselves. The Genius Garlic Cutter peels and chops those pesky little cloves. Perfect for any cook and worth its weight in garlic. $25 at The Happy Cook, 5714 Grove Ave., 288-3004.

No longer a boutique sport, snowboarding has gone mainslope, and you can do it at most every ski resort and get lessons, too. So, of course, great equipment is key. Gnu Factory Choice board ($408), Drake step-in bindings ($180) and Northwave Essential II boots ($270) from Glass and Powder, 3003 W. Cary St. Note to Santa: They have a Wish List kids can fill out.

Know a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" addict? Ease the pain of withdrawal (the show's off and won't return for a month) with a play-at-home game (the box features a beaming Regis Philbin fanning cash in your face) for $19.99, baseball cap for $14.95 or T shirt for $15.95. A special issue baseball jersey, $16.95, asks the question of the day, "IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER?" All can be ordered by visiting or, more precisely, .

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