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Toys for kids and grown-ups: Part 2

Terrific Turn-of-the Century Toys


Ruby red and ripe for serious thought, this Blues Clues Thinking Chair has such great lines you won't mind having it around the house. $149 at Zany Brainy, Chesterfield Towne Center, 379-7241.

Now quieter and less odoriferous, WaveRunners are the rage with anyone with access to water. At Reliance Marine, you'll find a great assortment, priced from $1500. Sporty dude not included. U.S. Route 1, 262-9512.

Oh dear, have a teen-age girl on your list? What a pity, they're not into toys. Have faith, though. NEED Supply in Carytown has the goods, including this mirrored tote, $28. 3010 W. Cary St., 355-5880.

Fond memories of Clouseau and company flood one's mind while trying to match the fruit on this at-home Pink Panther slot machine. Really, it's the first affordable brand-new reproduction of some of the oldies. Comes with coins too! (Of course zay are fake, you fool). $495 at CP Dean, 3001 Cutshaw Ave., 355-6588.

What good would this gift guide be without at least a nod to the creature du jour, Pokémon? At Dave's Comics you can take your pick: trading cards ($1-$45), stuffed Pikachus (1/2-24 in. tall), Pikachu slippers! ($14.95) and much, much more. Plus, cutting-edge items that hint at future trends Digimon and Dragonball Z. Village Shopping Center, 282-1211.

Just in time for the Big Eve bottle of champagne: The Cork Pops' needle descends into the cork and, under power of a pressurized air cartridge (included), retrieves the cork with ease and silence. $21.99 at River City Cellars, 2931 W. Cary St., 355-1375.

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